Friday Finds: Snacks at Trader Joe’s

Happy Friday! Many of you are new to plant based living, and I know how frustrating shopping can be when you simply don’t know what to buy.

Unless you want to triple the time of your shopping trip to read the ingredient list for every single product you pick up (which is very common and I do recommend it if you’re new to plant based food or healthy living), it can be helpful to know what to look for in advance. 

Anyway, I found some pretty awesome vegan snacks at Trader Joe’s last week, and I couldn’t wait to share them with you! 

Here are some of my favorite snacks from Trader Joe’s: 

  • Joe – Joe’s (it’s like the Trader Joe’s version of Oreos)
  • Maple Leaf Cookies (similar to the cinnamon bun-flavored Oreos but shaped like a maple leaf)
  • Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels
  • Salsa with Organic Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips
  • Soy Creamy (Joe and I are obsessed with this non-dairy ice cream! We even call it Soy Dreamy)
  • Roasted and Salted Pumpkin Seeds
  • Thai Lime & Chili Cashews 
  • Marshmallows (these are amazing with s’mores, but you’ll totally just want to eat them right out of the bag!) 

Like I’ve said before, plant based means healthier—but just because a certain snack is vegan, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. You can definitely chow down on the pumpkin seeds and cashews on a regular basis, but I’d go easy on the other stuff. 🙂 

Alex Beane

Alex is a freelance writer who holds a BA in Professional and Creative Writing. She has a strong interest in veganism, holistic health, and emotional and physical wellbeing. When she isn’t reading and writing about health and wellness, Alex is trying new plant based recipes in the kitchen or can be found volunteering with a Minneapolis-based animal rights organization or local rabbit rescue. Find Alex on LinkedIn or view her writing portfolio.