My Favorite Things About Infinity Jars

I love a good storage solution. Mason jars have always been my go-to because they’re dirt cheap and perfectly functional. However, sometimes you want a little bit more from your jars. If you’re like me and are in the process of switching your whole pantry over to glass storage jars, Infinity Jars fit the bill for jars with a whole lot more to offer.

Best Features

Some of my favorite things to store in jars are loose leaf tea and nuts. A regular old clear glass jar keeps these things fresher longer than a plastic bag, but honestly, it’s not much better. When I started using canning jars to store dry ingredients, I was disappointed that the food didn’t stay fresh for that much longer. But hey, it was better than plastic and it was the best way I could think of to keep my ingredients fresh.

Then I learned more about how UV light destroys freshness and flavor. It seems obvious now, but I never thought I could control that with my storage solutions. That’s why I was so excited to try out these jars.

When I received my jars in the mail, I was excited to see that they were a unique shade of almost-black violet. Aside from it being one of my favorite colors, it’s also — more importantly — the key feature that sets these jars apart from the good old fashioned canning jar. The almost-black appearance might seem odd, but it’s responsible for keeping the contents of your jar fresher for much longer than a clear jar.

It’s the same concept behind selling beer in amber bottles. It keeps UV light out. But even amber glass isn’t on par with the complete with the light protection you get with these jars.

What I Use The Jars For

I tried the 250 ml and the 500 ml screwtop jars, and I think these work perfectly for storing loose tea, nuts, or pretty much any other ingredients you could think of to store in a jar. There are plenty of other sizes and styles for pretty much anything you could imagine. The jars and lids are easy to wash and they look pretty awesome sitting on my counter. Seriously, how cool would your pantry look filled with a set of these jars? 

My Honest Review Of Infinity Jars

I wasn’t sure I would notice a difference in flavor when I stored things in the Infinity Jars. Just for fun, I filled a canning jar and one of my Infinity Jars with walnuts and set them side-by-side in the brightest spot in my apartment. I also compared some loose leaf tea. 

jar comparison
Yes, that’s actually the brightest place in my apartment (sadly).

Walnuts, in my opinion, go stale faster than any other nut and that’s always disappointed me. After only 10 days, I was honestly shocked to notice a significant difference in flavor. The nuts in the clear jar had already gone stale and the nuts in the Infinity Jar tasted like I had just opened the bag. As for the tea, I think it will take a little longer to taste a difference. This particular type already stays fresh for pretty long, so I’m going to try it again in a month or so.

I am 100 percent a believer in buying high-quality items the first time even if they’re more expensive. Not only does it make financial sense to spend more now so you don’t have to keep buying replacements for bad products down the road, it also makes environmental sense.

Nothing bothers me more than the throw-away culture that’s sadly prevailing in our world. That’s why these jars appeal to my approach in life. Not only are they durable and high-quality, they also make ingredients themselves last much longer. Smart storage solutions like Infinity Jars help reduce food waste, which is another issue I care a lot about.

If you’re serious about food waste, freshness, or flavor, Infinity Jars are the only storage solution I’ve tried that actually address these issues.


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Although I received two Infinity Jars to test out in this post, these views are 100 percent my own.

Robin Pletzer

Robin lives in Hopkins, MN and works at a local nonprofit. She has a BS in English from UW-River Falls where she met her husband in a creative writing class. In her spare time, she can be found exploring state parks, drawing up blueprints for her dream teardrop camper, writing, and knitting (follow her projects on Instagram @knitwander).