Are Cashews the New Prozac?

I’ve been following the Food Matters website for years (especially since I became vegan), but I only recently watched the Food Matters documentary on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend watching it as soon as possible. As the name implies, the documentary focuses on the importance of consuming healthy food. Why? … Continue reading "Are Cashews the New Prozac?"

Is 23andMe Worth the Hype? + How to Interpret Results

Being that I’ve had cancer, doing the 23andMe genetic testing and analysis was especially important to me, especially after my oncologist recommended that I think about genetic counseling. I decided against seeing an official genetic counselor, but I participated in an iPad study that the University of Minnesota has been conducting. The study is meant to … Continue reading "Is 23andMe Worth the Hype? + How to Interpret Results"