Is 23andMe Worth the Hype? + How to Interpret Results

Being that I’ve had cancer, doing the 23andMe genetic testing and analysis was especially important to me, especially after my oncologist recommended that I think about genetic counseling. I decided against seeing an official genetic counselor, but I participated in an iPad study that the University of Minnesota has been conducting. The study is meant to … Continue reading "Is 23andMe Worth the Hype? + How to Interpret Results"

Cancer Waiting Game

Waiting sucks – especially when you deal with anxiety on a daily basis. If someone doesn’t give you an answer right on time (or as soon as possible), you start thinking of all the things that could be causing the delay. Is it bad news that someone is refraining to tell you? Is it even … Continue reading "Cancer Waiting Game"

The Dreaded C Word

I was a lucky kid (despite spending a good portion of my young life hiding behind my mother because I was painfully shy), and at 28-years-old, I still consider myself to be incredibly lucky to this day. Growing up, not only was I unfamiliar with many life-threatening diseases or medical ailments, but most of the medical … Continue reading "The Dreaded C Word"